Tai Tapu.

Designed to look like a Viking Long house perched on the hill in a rural setting, the home needed strong lines and a colour pallet that sat well in the greenery. The home sits on the southern side of a hill so we needed clever glazing placement to get as much Northern sun into the home whilst capturing views to the East, West and South. Home has incredible interior design with solid timber floors and great joinery. Scissor truss ceilings through the Kitchen, Dining Living provide volume to these spaces allowing the light that is found to better illuminate these spaces. Split level to sit well on the sloping site to minimize build cost and add the look of separate buildings on the site we were trying to achieve.

With such a picturesque location and weather-lashed rural setting, the clients needed a home that not only took full advantage of all that the location offered, they wanted the design to be as timeless and conspicuous as possible whilst holding firm in the full force of winter.
The use of simple building forms, materials and colour has successfully achieved this, and as the site around the home fills in with native planting, the home will only disappear further into the amazing settling it nestles in.

3 Bedrooms

2 Living

2 Bathrooms + seperate powder room

Double garage


Client testimonial.

When we decided to build, we looked at the show homes around town and chose to speak about our build in more detail with Pringle and a couple of others. From our initial interactions with Callum, his enthusiasm and passion for our project spoke volumes. Callum was great to deal with, efficient, and had some great ideas and concepts whilst being able to tease out what mattered to us and how we actually live day to day. The design phase was smooth sailing with only minor changes from the initial concept. Through the building phase, communication was generally clear and concise and our project manager, Jase. He communicated clearly about progress as well as delays due to supply chain issues outside of Pringle’s control. Aaron was also great to deal with as needed and again offered clear and honest information and communication. The build itself went smoothly and we are very pleased with our completed home. Obviously there are snags the same as any new build but so far we are pleased with Pringle’s approach to getting these closed off.  Overall we enjoyed the process of building with Pringle, and felt the team understood our goals and were invested in our project.